Nowadays, there are many enterprises of making rice drinking straw commerce established as the consumption of rice drinking straw is increased quickly. That makes to consumer confusing on its quality and integrity of manufacturer. So, where we should buy it?

1. What Is Rice Drinking Straw?

Firstly, we together to know about the rice drinking straw’s features.

Likewise as others drinking straw, rice drinking straw is for beverage but the highlight is come from its ingredient.

Making the rice drinking straw, the worker is gathered with the ratio of 80% rice flour and 20% tapioca starch and food color. This kind of food color is naturally made which extracted from pandan, beetroot, black sesame, etc. By these ingredients, it is edible and environmental friendly.

We now could see the rice drinking straw in a coffee shop, restaurant, hotel and resort or in any hospitality services not only in Viet Nam but also in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Europe country.

2. Where You Could Buy A Premium Rice Drinking Straw?

SK Foods (here known as Sao Khue Foods Joint Stock Company) is specialized in drinking straw made from rice flour, dried commodity food as macaroni, rice noodle, rice vermicelli, etc. SK Foods own ourselves production line in Sa Đéc City, Đồng Tháp Province. This high productivity production line is capable produced tons of product per month and assure the market need.

Where you should buy and why SK Foods should be the strongly recommended provider:

  • All ingredients is nature and no chemical.
  • All product is assorted color as transparent (as rice flour), green (as pandan), purple (as beetroot), black (black sesame).
  • There are diversity in size and able to customize in length-cut as diameter 6.5mm, 8mm and 12mm and absolutely match to soft drink, juice fruit, coffee and others beverage with topping.
  • SK Rice drinking straw is developed and produced base on the special recipe which help shape these straw under 2 – 3 hour in cold water and 1 – 2 hour in warm water.
  • These rice drinking straws have undergone microbiological and mold treatment to assure the safe and totally edible after use.
  • SK Foods rice drinking straw have long last expiration up to 18 month in normal condition storage.
  • We are always ready for all demand since our capability is matched to hundreds of tons per month.

As such, we ensure to satisfy all demand as well as expectation from our customer.

3. Rice Drinking Straw Product Procedure At SK Foods

Once we get where to buy the quality and reliable product, we will show you how to make these rice drinking straw at SK Foods:

Step 1: Refine and select the ingredients following SK Foods standard (no chemical, 100% nature).

Step 2: Gathering the rice then grinding into flour.

Step 3: Flour mixture and beat until smooth as required.

Step 4: Steaming all these mixed ingredients.

Step 5: These steamed flour is delivered to granulate for forming.

Step 6: After in shape, the straw is divided and cut to dried in 6 – 12 hours.

Step 7: Once these straws are completely dried, QA check before packaging.

Step 8: Packing and delivery to user.

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