1. What Is Rice Drinking Straw?

There is some brief to let you know about the rice drinking straw before we get to know about it price.

Likewise as others drinking straw, rice drinking straw is for beverage but the highlight is come from its ingredient.

Making the rice drinking straw, the worker is gathered with the ratio of 80% rice flour and 20% tapioca starch and food color. This kind of food color is naturally made which extracted from pandan, beetroot, black sesame, etc. By these ingredients, it is edible and environmental friendly.

It could be said that the rice drinking straw is an alternative solution to replace the plastic straw and it is reduce to amount of plastic to environment. Thus, rice drinking straw is made from naturally ingredients, no chemical and no harmful to consumer.

Though rice drinking straw is biological straw but these straws is to supply to consumer in diversity of size as diameter 6.5mm, 8mm and 12mm. It might use for soft drink, coffee, smoothies, grind-ice, milk tea, etc.

So would the size be affect to the price? How much it is?

2. How Much Rice Drinking Straw Is?

To compare to the plastic straw, the rice drinking straw is higher since all nature ingredients have been made by complex progress. As current market, there are many prices to exactly forecast how it costs. So, how much is it?

The price is made as of many factors, but normally it is calculate based on its particulate size:

  • Rice drinking straw size 6.5mm: 450 – 650 VND/pcs
  • Rice drinking straw size 8mm: 800 – 1100 VND/pcs
  • Rice drinking straw size 12mm: 1000 – 1500 VND/pcs

Beside of size, the length-cut, the assorted color or the transparent color are one of factors may affect to the price. As a result, it would like you to survey the price carefully for each size, length-cut and color as well.

3. Why We Should Use Rice Drinking Straw?

How much rice straws cost and the advantages of rice straws that you cannot ignore:

  • Protect environment: This notice you how rice drinking straw is born. If as a plastic straws take from 100 – 500 years to decompose, rice drinking straws only need 3 months to decompose completely. During decomposition, the rice drinking straws do not produce any substances that pollute the environment, meanwhile, plastic straws shape in nature are quite similar to the food of sea birds and marine animals, so eating of plastic straws causes millions of seabirds to die every year.
  • Safe to your health: Rice straws are made entirely from natural materials, and it do not contain harmful chemicals that causes the danger to health, especially BPA which substances affects the nervous system, hypothyroidism or cancer.
  • Diversity of size and color: There are 3 regular sizes 6.5mm, 8mm and 12mm. It might use for soft drink, coffee, smoothies, grind-ice, milk tea, etc.
  • Last long preservation: Among biological straws, rice drinking straws have the longest shelf life, it is up to 18 months under normal conditions.
  • Branding: Environmental protection is the top goal nowadays. When you use straws in your business, you make a signature comparing to your competitors. Moreover, rice drinking straws is edible after use, a strategic point that helps attract young people.
  • Improving the value of Vietnam’s agricultural products: Our farmers have been worked for long time to have these precious rice but they face to the fact that it is approximately 10000 – 25000 VND/kg. Therefore, if we could make the rice drinking straw, it would be 100000 VND/kg per product. We absolutely create more jobs, more value to farmer’s labor.
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