As a Vietnamese, we understand and appreciate the agricultural products of our famers. Facing with thousands of difficulty during their crops, the products is still not really commensurate with such efforts. By sympathizing these countless difficulties, finding solutions to improve the solid value chain for “precious rice” in particular and Vietnamese agricultural products by improving to diversify products is counted on fact. Heading to bring the product of homeland as gift of famers and nature are nourished, completely natural, no preservation to close to all user in the world is our willingness.

Are those the thing stimulate us starting off with SK Foods? Our mission is to make a product from the rice as distinctive flavor of Dong Thap Flour Village. Persuading our dream that SK Foods’ product will serve for all the world with forming of high technology manufacturing process and huge production capacity line. The remarkable ingredients forming these product is completely natural, without the use of synthetic colors or artificial preservatives, which are totally healthful to all consumers.

Our macaroni, rice noodle and vermicelli are all made from rice flour. So they absolutely glossy and shiny outside and soft, chewy and sweet even well-cooked. All distinctive flavor and nature quintessence are still definitely retain. The rice drinking straw is made from the rice flour, as a result, it has a smooth surface and firmed-tube. User will smell of rice flour there is no strange smell while soaking in water.

SK Foods commit to elevate the healthy to all users.